"...reduced our general cleaning chemical usage by almost 85%..."

-Richard Cardemon (President)- 

Reliance Machine Company

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Company History

Viking is an American company operated under the same ownership since 1968. We were started by the father and son team, Walter Warning Jr & Sr. in a basement in Chicago, IL.  

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A Safer Tomorrow

MRSA: Eliminated in <20 Sec.

E-Coli: Eliminated in 5 Sec. 

Salmonella: Eliminated in 5 Sec. 

Enterovirus: Eliminated in 5 Sec. 

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The SALT FREE Solution to Your Cleaning & Sanitizing Needs

EPA Est. #


Walter Warning Jr.


Our Staff

Every now and then a technology is developed that seems too good to be true. Today is one of those times. All you need is basic understanding of high school chemistry to see that the science is sound  and the process is rather simple. The Salt-Free solutions that the Viking Pure family of Electrolyzed Water Systems produces can eliminate most of your Toxic and Dangerous Cleaners and Sanitizers from your life...Forever

Introducing Viking Pure Electrolyzed Water Systems